Short Code Signup

It’s time to now get everyone to start Mobile Marketing so you start to get visitors and interest while you gone. There are a few ways to do this and all of them cost a small fortune, but that’s where I come in.
What I will do for each and everyone you is create a Short-Code specific to your shop. A Short-Code or Keyword is what someone would text with their mobile phone to a specific number. This service is free for all vendors of Old Mill Marketplace including the Village, The Pavilions and the Mountain.
Here is an example of a short-code for our place at Dodge City Dinner Theater. My system is much more powerful than most so I can multiple keywords for each shop.
Example: Just text the word “menu” or “movie” to (903) 603-9333 and see what happens.
When your ready to get your own Short-Code for mobile marketing below.